Starring: Debbie Domingues, Mike Donia

​​​​​Starring: Danielle Moschella

Suhail and Niki have busy schedules. He’s a marketing director and she’s a doctor so she’s often on call for a hospital downtown. Can they find a place that can help relieve stress, but also be close enough to downtown for those urgent calls?  They want a secluded home with at least 1 acre and magnificent views.

​​​​​Starring: Lou Bruci

s4, Ep6 fun house

Wendy and Daniel are looking to downsize after their kids have moved out, but still want an elegant home. She’s a physical therapist and she’s a business analyst. They want something that can help them relax at the end of the day, with at least 4 bedrooms and away from the downtown core. Can Lou find them something that fits?

​​​​​Starring: Debbie Domingues

​​​​​Starring: Danielle Moschella, Charles Willerding, Danny Cimbron

s4, Ep3. Above and beyond

s4, Ep5. fabulous

s4, Ep1. House for an athlete

​​George is a retired basket ball player, and Mada is an international model. For a man over 7 feet tall, finding the perfect house might be a challenge. Danielle knows high ceilings come in all shapes and sizes, can she find a style they’ll like? They also want a pool and a home theatre.

Janelle and Manuel are young professionals looking for more space. With one child tagging along on the tour already, they need a place for their growing family. They might need to do some renovations, but they want everything to be perfect.

s4, Ep4. energized

Danielle is helping quite a pair, Joseph is a chiropractor and Nadia is an aerospace engineer. They’re looking for a home to start a family. Not only that, they want space to host their extended family. Will it be as difficult as rocket science?

​​​​​Starring: Daryl King

s4, Ep2. Treetops

These two business owners Joseph and Heather work hard and want to play hard! They’re looking for a place to entertain guests, and Daryl’s got some amazing homes to show them.