Laura is on the hunt for a new home for long time clients Marino and Paula. The couple and their three kids would like a spacious house with a country feel to escape their hectic lifestyles. Due to Marino’s busy schedule as a producer, he would prefer a house that is all-inclusive and turnkey. Their kids are very active want a pool and the option for horse stables. Laura’s going to find them the perfect home.

Starring:  Eve Claxton & Shawn Marsh

​Homebuyers Julie & James 

ep 10.  Pool House

Starring: Danielle Moschella

​Featuring: Jeff White, Jermall W. Estwick, Eleonor Falbo & Victor Brewda

Homebuyer: Diogo

ep 9.  A Smart Decision

Starring: Steve Bailey

​Featuring: Esther Isman

Homebuyers: Giulia & Scott

ep 3. My Daughter’s Plan

ep 13.  My Favorite Homes

Darlene and Bruce are in the market for a new home and have enlisted Laura to help them out. Darlene’s one request is that they stay close to their current home, where their daughter goes to school. For Bruce, quality construction materials and workmanship are of paramount importance. One thing the entire family agrees on is that the backyard should have a fantastic entertainment space since they spend plenty of time together outdoors and enjoy having guests over.

ep 8. Sweet Country Home

Starring: Eve Claxton & Shawn Marsh

Homebuyers: Elizabeth & Michael

ep 12.   Big Move

ep 5.  Century Homes

Starring: Eve Claxton & Shawn Marsh

Homebuyers: Kathryn & Neil

Tomarra and Rob had just married and blended their two families. As a new family, they want to transition to a quiet neighbourhood away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto. Steve is up for the challenge. Rob is a writer and plans to work from home, while Tomarra is a naturopath who would love to have her own studio. Ultimately, they want to start cherishing the real things in life, and that is spending more time with their kids.

ep 7.  Retirement

Diogo is a dedicated musician working on his new album. He has been debating between moving to Miami or staying in Canada. Toronto is closer to his family and where he feels at home with his music. Danielle will show him some spectacular properties in both cities and see what he decides.

ep 6. Waterfront

Kathryn and Neil are true urbanites. They love what downtown Toronto has to offer. When Neil found out his company was relocating to Guelph, they weren’t thrilled. After five months of long commutes, the Thompson family is ready to take the risk and make a move—with some conditions. The new house has to have a pool and playroom for the kids and a large entertainment area for adults. Eve’s challenge is to find them an enticing home that will convince their friends from the city to visit.

Steve Bailey, Mike Donia and Daryl King review their favourite homes. Steve takes us down memory lane to his 18th century farmhouse, and another home with a stunning infinity pool. Daryl’s listings range from King city to Caloden, with helicopter pads and sprawling backyards. Mike brings us back to his fabulous listings in Thailand. He shows us a home made entirely of Bamboo, and billion-dollar property.   

ep 4. Feels Like Home

Giulia and Scott have recently come into an inheritance and want the house of their dreams. Currently, they live in a modest bungalow in a busy neighbourhood but would prefer to live in a secluded house with a magnificent view. Ideally, Giulia also wants a house that has separate living quarters for her ageing parents.

Starring:  Steve Bailey, Daryl King & Mike Donia

ep 1. Net zero

Ashley and Ali are ready to take their relationship and living situation to the next level. The young entrepreneurs are prepared to move into a house, but the one thing they can’t agree on is where to live. Ashley wants an estate home outside the city that has an outdoor pool and beautifully manicured gardens. Ali, on the other hand, insists on being close to his downtown office and walking distance from restaurants and shops. Danielle knows she can deliver some stunning properties, but someone may have to compromise.  

Starring: Danielle Moschella 

Featuring: Charles Willerding

Homebuyers: Ashley & Ali

Julie and James are looking for a new home to raise their two boys. James is in the tech industry and would love an energy efficient home. Julie has her own dance studio and can’t wait to get back to work after giving birth to her second son. Eve and Shawn are the perfect team for the job, especially with Timberworx's cutting edge “Net-Zero” project.

ep 11.  Love the Location


Starring Eve: Claxton & Shawn Marsh

Homebuyers: Louise & Jason

Starring: Steve Bailey

​Featuring: Elena Cipriano

Homebuyers: Tomarra & Rob

Starring: Laura Arci

​Featuring Michelle Finnamore, Jasmine Xuereb, Ennio Longo, John Tomasone & Angela Lupo

Homebuyers Marino & Paula 

Starring: Eve Claxton

Homebuyers: Kevin & Shannon

Stephanie is making a big move from BC to Guelph to be closer to her son John and his family. She doesn’t want the move to be a hassle and is looking for an accessible, decent-sized home for her grandchildren and visitors from BC. Good sized guest rooms and a large backyard are a must. As she loves to cook, she would also like a new kitchen. Eve will show Stephanie 3 beautiful homes that fit the criteria. Stephanie is going to have a difficult decision.

Starring: Laura Arci

Featuring: Michelle Finnamore & Luisa Curia

Homebuyers: Darlene & Bruce

Elizabeth and Michael are retired and want to move closer to their kids and grandchildren. They want to downsize from their two-story house into a bungalow. Luckily, Eve knows all about luxury bungalows. Elizabeth loves to exercise and really would like a gym. Michael has a passion for cars and needs at least a three-car garage. Their current house is dated so they would love a house that is turnkey. Eve will do her best to find their forever home.

Starring Eve: Claxton & Shawn Marsh

Homebuyers: Stephanie & John

Louise, Jason, and their two children have been living in Europe for the past 10 years, but now they would like to be closer to their family in Canada. Louise absolutely adores the European aesthetic; the sense of luxury conveyed by multi-peaked roof-lines, bay-shaped windows, and decorative stone. She wants a house that allows them the feeling of "living abroad" without leaving the country.

Kevin is a retired, successful businessman. He is a single dad to Shannon and Jennifer. Shannon has been accepted into the Ontario Veterinarian College at the University of Guelph, which is Canada’s leading program in veterinary health care. This is the reason they are moving to Guelph. Kevin is happy to live anywhere as long as it has excellent golf courses. Eve will be glad to tell him that Guelph just happens to have 3 of the top ones in Ontario.