International luxury realtor Mike Donia jets off to Thailand to work with a client and good friend of his, Mae. She is moving back to her hometown of Bangkok to pursue her modeling career, and is looking for the house of her dreams. Mike has his work cut out for him, as Mae's long wish list will be hard to achieve with her budget. With the help of a Bangkok real estate expert, Max Gloeckner, Mike is confident he can deliver just what Mae is looking for.

Starring Inez Kudryk

Featuring Shelley Alexanian, Mo Loulou, Paul Meredith,

Anastasia Kravtsova, and Martin & Cheryl

Starring Mike Donia

Featuring  Max Gloeckner, Paul Meredith, and Mae

s2, ep12. Tricky Choice

s2, EP3. Infinite View

s2, ep10. Magical Home

Starring Mike Donia

​Featuring Max Gloeckner, Eden Dayrit, Paul Meredith, and Antonio & Kim

Starring Inez Kudryk

Featuring Shelley Alexanian, Sergio Galli, Amy Sky, Paul Meredith, Vezi & Deborah

s2, ep11. Income for a Rainy Day

Starring Mike Donia

Featuring Nala Gill, Max Gloeckner, Paul Meredith, and Jessica & Mark

This week's episode features Cambridge realtor extraordinaire Steve Bailey as he helps couple Dan and Melinda search for the perfect home. It's a real battle of contemporary vs. traditional as Dan and Melinda hash it out over where their future lies. Melinda surprises Dan with some new information, but can Steve surprise them both by showing them the perfect property?

Starring Daryl King

​Featuring Carlo Rinomato, Paul Meredith, and Richard & Jill

s2, ep1. GLASS HOUSE

Vezi and Deborah love the house they purchased last season in Stouffville, but they're ready to make the move to the big city. They enlist the help of Inez Kudryk to show them the best properties she can find in Toronto, and they are especially keen on the Beaches neighborhood. Vezi works in the music industry, so Inez lines up some special musical surprises to wow her clients!

Off on another adventure! This episode takes Mike Donia on a whirlwind tour of Southeast Asia as he searches for a home for his clients, Antonio & Kim. Featuring properties in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, each country has its own unique charms to offer the would-be buyers. Monkeys, mangoes and mansions are in store for Mike as he continues his hunt for that perfect property.

The King is back, baby! Daryl King is known to make an entrance, and he wants the houses he shows to have that same "wow" factor. His clients are looking for a grand mansion, and with their sizeable budget won't settle for anything less than spectacular. Will Daryl be able to dazzle his clients and find a property that will take their breath away?

s2, ep2. a palace fit for a princess

Starring Sofie Kehdi

Featuring Shelley Alexanian, Paul Meredith, Daniel Hartin, Zuzana,

and Travis & Teresa

s2, ep6. Nice Family Home

Jessica and Mark are a young couple living and working in Thailand after meeting there several years ago and falling in love. They are looking for a permanent home in Bangkok, and after chatting with her friend Mae, Jessica knows that Mike Donia is the man for the job.  With the help of local agents Max Gloeckner and Nala Gill, will Mike be able to find a place that suits the whole family?

Vancouver-based couple Jim and Shannon are looking to relocate to their hometown of Toronto with their two teenage daughters. With a budget of 10 million dollars, they enlist the help of savvy realtor Sofie Kehdi. While it might first seem that Jim and Shannon are on the same page, the house hunt proves that they have some differing opinions on what makes a good investment. Sofie will have her hands full trying to meet the demands of her conflicted clients!

s2, ep7. Clever Income

After helping them find a home last season, Inez is enlisted by Martin and Cheryl to help them find the perfect investment property. While Cheryl wants a property with minimal work and no landlord responsibilities, Martin is more open to renovations and taking on some of the commonplace duties associated with property management. Can Inez help them achieve a happy medium?

Starring Inez Kudryk

Featuring Shelley Alexanian, Paul Meredith, Jasmine Xuereb,

Ramzi Azar, and Vicky & Nancy

s2, ep9. A Big Investment

Starring Sofie Kehdi

Featuring Tyrone Steer, Paul Meredith,  Andrew Singh, Lillian Smiley,

and Jim & Shannon

Starring Steve Bailey

Featuring Paul Meredith, and Laura & Steve

Vicky is searching for a home in The Beaches area for her and her family. No one knows the Beach like Inez Kudryk, so Vicky enlists her help in finding some stunning luxury properties to tour. With a grand budget and refined tastes, Inez knows that Vicky will be a tough client to please. She invites designer Shelley Alexanian to consult with Vicky about all the renovations she could do if she wanted to customize her new place. Will Vicky find the forever home of her dreams?

s2, ep4. Sunset on the Patio

Starring: Sofie Kehdi

​Featuring Daniel Hartin, William Narod, Paul Meredith, Rachel & Ben

Starring Steve Bailey

Featuring Shelley Alexanian, Paul Meredith, and Melinda & Dan

S2, ep5. Sweet Home Belize

s2, ep8. Open Concept

Sofie Kehdi heads to the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize to help a friend and former client, actress and choreographer Zuzana Marosová. As a public figure, Zuzana craves privacy in her personal time and is looking for a relaxing space to unwind with her children. With the help of local realtor Daniel Hartin, Sofie sets her sights on the perfect home...and hopefully a bit of fun in the sun!

Starring Steve Bailey

Featuring Paul Meredith, and Chris & Rosa

Steve Bailey to save the day! This week's episode features the lovely couple Chris and Rosa as they search for the perfect home. While Rosa is mainly concerned with cutting down her commute, Chris just wants to feel a connection to a property. Luckily for Steve, he's got his sister Helen, an interior designer and home stager, to help sway Chris - and it works! Unfortunately for Rosa, she isn't seeing the benefits of moving to a town around Cambridge. Steve's got some neat ideas, but will they be able to convince Rosa?

Sofie Kehdi heads back to Belize to help husband and wife team Rachel and Ben size up some resort properties. Along with their investors, Rachel and Ben are looking to purchase a resort on the island of Ambergris Caye that will provide the most bang for their buck. Each with a big personality of their own, it becomes clear this couple is not going to see eye to eye on what they want. Luckily for them, Sofie is a pro at mediating conflicts when it comes to real estate. Which knockout beach resort will Ben and Rachel choose?

Laura and Steven are a young couple with an expanding family, and are ready to take the next steps in home ownership. They want a large plot of land for their young children to run around and enjoy nature, and a spacious home that reflects this new phase of their life. Steve Bailey is the man for the job, and with such great homes to choose from, Laura and Steve will be hard pressed to pick just one! 

s2, ep13. We Bought a Resort